Johnson Girls

     When my daughter was five months old, she began having ear infections. We would go to the doctor, get the antibiotic of choice, and return in three weeks for a recheck only to find out her ears were still infected. So the cycle continued — infection, antibiotic, recheck. This continued for five months. Before we saw an ENT for tubes, we decided to try something different. That is when we did some research and called Dr. Nick Wise. My daughter went for her first visit this past January. She has not had another ear infection since then!

Because of the great success with our youngest daughter, in February my two older daughters (ages 5 and 8) began being adjusted regularly as well. Both had perfect attendance at school during the cold and flu season.

I myself have never been to a Chiropractor. Until this January, I certainly had never considered taking my three children. However, after seeing the results from Dr. Nick’s handiwork, I am convinced it is the most proactive way to deal with my children’s health. My three girls have come to trust and love Dr. Nick and look forward to their adjustments.

Thank you, Dr. Nick!

Kelly and the Johnson Girls: Maggie, Meredith, and Kate