Types of Office Visits


New Patient Visit / 200

Select this option for your first visit with Dr. Wise.  The initial visit is typically around an hour or longer depending on the complexity of your case.
This visit includes the consultation, examination (spinal, cranial, and extremity), and initial treatment.

Please come prepared!  Fill out this New Patient Paperwork  and bring it to your initial visit

Is the new patient a minor child?  Download this more relevant Pediatric Intake Form instead

Recently been in a car wreck?  Please fill out these Personal Injury Forms as well


Established Patient Visit / 100

Select this option after your initial workup with Dr. Wise, unless it's been more than 6 months since your last visit.

After your initial workup, book this for follow-up visits.  Approximate time = 20-30 min.


Accepted Payments: Cash, Check, Credit Card, or PayPal


Dr. Wise does not take insurance.  As a one-man operation, clinical and administrative time is limited.  However, he is an out-of network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, and you may get reimbursed up to 70% of allowable charges depending on your chiropractic coverage.  You will need to send in this BCBCS NC Claim Form with some information that Dr. Wise can provide to you.


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